Welcome to The Blend — the new inspirational, web-based talk show by and for women, hosted by an upbeat panel of African-American female experts dedicated to optimizing your overall health and wellness. 


Meet psychologist Dr. Gloria A. Chance,  naturopathic specialist, Dr. Tabatha Carr, and spiritual leader Jewel Diamond-Taylor — the perfect team to help you elevate your spirit, mind, and body into the ideal blend.


“This show is about adding value to black women’s lives,” says Diamond-Taylor, whose celebrated career as a speaker, author, and life coach motivates women to soar to their highest potential. Jewel is joined on the set by Peace, a psychology professor, media expert, and writer dedicated to the healing of anxiety and depression; Tabatha, a leading authority on women’s holistic well-being; and Gloria, a psychological innovation practitioner and creativity architect.


In this high-energy, weekly one-hour show, the ladies bring you topical discussions, from how to be a Comeback Kid, to finding the courage to show your authentic self, to being a social networking giant, to overcoming stress and anxiety, and even choosing the best natural skin-care products and enjoying staying in shape.


The Blend is the brainchild of LaVonda P. Rouse, who, having survived her own health crisis thanks to the expertise of a black female physician, feels called by God to assist others in their quest to achieve optimum strength, energy and fitness. 


That’s only the beginning, Blenders. You’re in the mix. Tune in to The Blend!

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Dr. Gloria Chance


Dr. Sonasha Auset Braxton


Adria Chea

Spiritual Coach/Business Executive

Dr. Tabatha Carr

Naturopathic Doctor
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