Like so many of you, I’m tired of watching and listening to the same old approach to talk shows where folks are just yelling and talking over each other. If I’m going to take the time to watch and listen, I want to be fulfilled – in spirit, mind, and body.  Yes, in that order. That’s why “The Blend” is not your ordinary talk show. The Blend is an inspirational experience, with a twist of entertainment, created solely to encourage women to be intentional about being whole while empowering and healing from the inside and out. 


The  Blend is feeding you food for the spirit, mind, and body. It is a show where I have sought out four African-American women who are experts in their field and know their craft inside out. They are the best at what they do. They’re not on this show to participate in idle banter. They believe that we are all the total sum of the events and experiences in our lives. They’re here because they’re going to look at issues that dig deep into the real you. They are unapologetically embracing the fact that we’re all spiritual beings. They are here to look at issues that affect your whole person. 


Let me give you an example. When we’re talking about heart disease, we are going to talk about how heart disease is one of part of all of you. We’re going to talk about the obvious issues that you have to adjust your diet and exercise more – and you’re going to get some valuable advice. We’re going to also talk about how your diet is altered because you may be depressed about how you’re being treated at your job.  Or perhaps how you’re disappointed in your lack of social life. Or how you and your partner or spouse are always fighting. Or maybe how you’re struggling with the consequences of being a victim of current or past sexual abuse or harassment. 


The Blend is about the real you. The Blend is about what you don’t see or what you can’t say – and often don’t talk about – that is beyond the naked eye.


Join me in mixing it up at The Blend.  Join me in wholesome, enriching and empowering conversations.

LaVonda P. Rouse

Dear Blenders,

LaVonda P. Rouse

Executive Producer/Creator.

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