Freeing yourself from the negative feelings

of setback technique using laughter

This technique uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps you understand and shift the way you think for your highest success. Some call it “software for your brain”.  Learning these techniques gives you power to control your thinking by training your brain.

In episode two, we discussed the challenges of coming back from a set-back.  This tool will help remove the negative thinking and stress inherit in coming back and getting over a setback.  This exercise will become easier as you use it more often. It can be used to shift any negative thinking by following the steps below and replacing the situation each time.

Change state of mind from a thought causing stress/anxiety to being without that stress/anxiety when thinking about it.


Choose the negative thinking to change

1.      Find a comfortable quiet place to sit (will need about 5-10 minutes)

2.      Close your eyes and think about a situation that causes Stress and anxiety when thinking about it

3.      Feel that issue throughout your body

4.      The open your eyes, look around and also rub hands together to break the state of mind


Choose the positive thought via laugher (good feeling) state that helps to shift your state of mind

5.      Close your eyes and think about a funny situation that could have occurred anytime in your life, to you or someone in your life. You to have experienced the situation so that you can visualize it as if you are there again.

6.      Relax, go back to that time and feel the emotions as if you are there again, intensify and multiple the feelings until you feel that happy/funny feeling throughout your body

7.      While still feeling the great feeling of laugher in your body,

a.      using your left hand, press thumb and index finger together so that the laugher becomes grounded in your  body.

b.      Hold for a few seconds.

8.      Open eyes and look around, look at time, look around to break the state of mind.


Shift to a good state of mind (requires rapid switching between the negative and positive state)

9.      With eyes closed, think about stressful situation; feel the feeling in your body

10.   As soon as you feel the stressful thought, switch to the funny situation

11.   As soon as you feel the funny thought, switch back thinking about the stressful thought

12.   Do this as fast as you can switching between the 2 states in your---Think about the funny thing then let go and think about stressful event, go to funny event come, back to stressful event, go back to funny then think about stressful event

13.   Do this for up to 10 times

14.   You will notice at some point the stressful thought is replaced by the laughter as you will not be able to feel the stress when you think about the situation.  It will have disappeared.

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